Nargile Mezeriye

Review of a delicious evening meal at the Nargile Mezeriye, Skene Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.


Rattray Head

One of the main objectives for starting my blog was to start showcasing some hidden gems around the country. I only discovered one such gem in the last couple of months. I have lived in the Aberdeen area for most of my life it took me nearly 34 years to discover the lighthouse at Rattray... Continue Reading →

Linn Of Quoich

The Linn of Quoich is a gorge located in one of the small valleys that leads into the larger Dee Valley. The Linn is accessible by travelling from Braemar.....

Linn O’ Dee

The Linn O' Dee lies around 6 miles to the West of the Aberdeenshire village of Braemar, within the beautiful Dee Valley.

Cruden Bay

I recently had a family trip out to the picturesque village of Cruden Bay, located on the North East coast of Scotland around 26 miles north of Aberdeen....

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